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Tips & Tricks And To Spy On Your Competitors Facebook Marketing Strategy And Plan Using Facebook ‘Pages To Watch’

When you are running in a race with the competitor you will always want to win or be in the lead but not behind them. It's a smart way to keep an eye on your Business Rivals on the Facebook page. Now, before planning any kind of marketing strategy, it is important to know:

  • What are the Competitors offering?
  • What is their Pricing?
  • What schemes are they working on?

To be in competition or to fight back, plan the rates accordingly in a competitive manner.

For this, it is necessary to keep a track and spy on the competitor page not only to understand:

  • What & how their marketing campaigns are to be planned,
  • Which ads are running,
  • Where they are & what they are doing,
  • Which of their posts are engaging,
  • Page fans,
  • The number of posts they published,
  • A total number of comments, shares, and reactions to their posts.

To stay on top of the business. If done manually then,

  • Many efforts are needed
  • Due to human interaction, it can also mislead its interpretation which in case prove marketing strategy wrong.

To avoid this, it can be automated. Facebook page has given an easy option to keep a watch on every competitor's page and gives a complete analytic result of which page is giving engaging contents or increasing likes on the page.

This Option is in the Page >> Insight >> Page watch option i.e. Go to The overview section of Insights on your Facebook page and scroll down to Pages to Watch >> Click Add Pages. There will probably be some suggestions, but you can also search for and select pages to watch.

Being in a Digital marketing Industry, it is important to know how powerful this option is.

Add 5 competitive pages to pages to Watch. Afterward Facebook itself will be starting Showing

  • What are the activities performed on-page,
  • How much of engaging content are being posted & Engagement Rate,
  • Increase/decrease in Likes ratios
  • Performance ratio.
  • Best performing posts from the pages

To do this, go to the Posts tab and from the top menu choose Top Posts from Pages You Watch section. You will see the list of top five posts published during the last seven days, ranked by engagement, which is the total number of comments, shares, and reactions.

This is the easiest way to keep a spy or on your competition on Facebook for free. Such as the comparative analysis makes it easier to find best practices for your industry and audience when it comes to content publishing and adjusting your ad marketing strategy.

In the end, imagine how important & powerful the page to watch option is to keep an eye on competitor’s page to plan the Facebook marketing strategy. So before planning any strategy start using this page to watch option which can help to study the competitors and make the best marketing Strategy. This is an example of how such information is used to improve your business marketing strategy. For more, business marketing strategy tips read our next blog or watch amazing videos on Tricks How to Spy on Your Competitor's Facebook Marketing Strategy

Best tips & tricks to spy on your competitors Facebook marketing strategy, This Tricks helps you easily measure your ad campaigns on Facebook.

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  1. onlineyug_admin says:

    nice blog !!

    • onlineyug_admin says:

      We are delighted to be a source of help to you. we would continue to do the same in the future too.
      It’s time to get Digital!

  2. Awesome post! Keep up the great work! 🙂

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