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Building an audience for Instagram

Building an audience for Instagram

In this digital era where we spend so much of our time on social media, which is the most trending and used social media platform? The answer to this question would be undoubtedly Instagram. Whether it’s a picture or a video, Instagram is now the most popular platform to do so. So why not utilize this opportunity? Brands these days not only use Instagram to retain their existing customers but to acquire new ones as well.

So in this digital era, it becomes essential to build and retain the Instagram audience for your Brand, but, building an audience for Instagram organically hinges upon various aspects. It includes images, videos, hashtags, caption and much more. Now, how these aspects are useful, depends upon how a brand uses these aspects. And yes, one cannot rely on the single aspect to drive the audience, a combination of these aspects would prove to be very rewarding.

Let’s understand these different aspects in brief.

  1. Image

    Instagram is a platform that is made of images and for images. It would have been similar to Facebook if it has provided users to just post only content. So, images are the most important aspect considering Instagram. A company striving to build the audience for Instagram should effectively use images, but merely, uploading images won’t work. Make sure your image is original, unique and it should not be contrary to your brand identity. Try to post multiple images.

  2. Caption

    Once your image aspect of Instagram is sorted, next comes the careful use of space provided to describe what have you posted. Instagram has around 1 billion people use Instagram every month, and each one of them cannot interpret the Image the brand wants them to. So it’s important that you describe your image in a way that people understand and interpret the way you want your audience to. It should be small, crisp and understandable.

  3. Hashtags

    When we talk about the caption, we can’t deny the utmost importance hashtags have. Hashtags create great visibility for your posts and help you to reach the target audience, which is your target audience is already following. It also increases the reach and followers of your profile. Try to use relevant hashtags and trending hashtags to drive the audience to your Instagram profile.

  4. Location

    Another important aspect to build your Instagram audience is the use of the location tab. The selection of the right Instagram location plays a key role in helping you extend your reach. Using location people come to know about what’s happening in a particular location, and that’s where we can provide people the content they are looking for. So, it’s very important to add a location every time you post something on your profile.

  5. Videos

    Videos were not part of Instagram before 2013. But it does play a pivotal role in its glory and increase of users post 2013. Not only nowadays images are important, but the videos play a key role in driving the Instagram audience. A video is something unique and visually appealing. One should try to limit their length of videos to 1 minute, otherwise one needs to split it up and post multiple videos. One can also try to use the IGTV which was introduced in 2018 and allows posting of vertical videos for your audience. Try to post relevant and trending videos, but make sure you keep in mind your brand identity.

  6. Stories

    Instagram Stories were introduced to people in 2016, since then it has been used effectively by people and brands to drive the audience to their Instagram profile. This is because stories provide various options from adding location and GIF to uploading live videos, stories can be used to have an edge over the competitors. Make sure your Story isn’t messy, don’t try to use many of the options available in one story.  Your audience should clearly understand what you want to communicate. Also, try to add it into your highlights section which will make sure people can see the story in your profile after 24 hrs. Apart from these, there are various other aspects such as Instagram ads, Tagging, Direct Messaging, Alt Text and many more.

    Preparing an appropriate Instagram strategy using the above aspects is essential and proper implementation of the strategy can create wonders in building your audience for Instagram.

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  1. AFFINIQ says:

    awesome tips for Instagram , so useful , thank you for sharing with Us, will helpful for Social media marketing

    • onlineyug_admin says:

      We are delighted to be a source of help to you. we would continue to do the same in the future too.
      It’s time to get Digital!

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