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Trend has changed! It's Digital Days Now...

Ideally, a company should spend 10-12% of its revenue for Advertising & Marketing. Now it's crucial to know that spending amount in way of traditional marketing will yield more benefits or digital marketing will be more beneficial as well as Which will give more Return On Investment?

Let's have look at these 5 parameters to figure out which way of advertising is preferable for your business/service?

  • Spend Less-Spread More:

    Benefits one gets in reference to the amount he spends are more in Digital Marketing. It possible to get more reach via using Digital Marketing because the number of people using social media applications is increasing day-by-day.

    Wherein with the help of traditional marketing to chase the worldwide population is neither quick nor easily applicable.

  • Benefits of Multimedia:

    Is it possible to imagine the use of GIF, Videos, Slow Motion Display of your products for OOH (Out-Of-Home) Advertising?
    With traditional marketing, it's not possible to make use of multimedia so frequently & flawlessly.

    Thanks to digital marketing, multimedia has been a blessing.

  • Mobility:

    All modes of digital marketing have an add-on benefit of mobility, certain tools of traditional marketing involves the element of mobility but the benefit of mobility can be yield better via Digital Marketing

  • Real-time Result:

    If you opt to use traditional marketing then you shall have to wait for a longer period of time to know the results, whereas in the context of Digital media you can get immediate details about the results as in you can fetch details about The number of visitors, Most active time of the day, Conversion rates, Bounce rates etc

  • Higher engagement:

    With traditional marketing, you cannot really interact with your target audience. You need to wait out for the responses to come in before you can plan your next step. This is a long and tedious process. Easy analytics is a key benefit of Digital Marketing!

    With online marketing, you instantly know what is working for you and what isn’t via Google Analytics. You can measure the inbound traffic, bounce rate, conversion rate, profit, and the general trend of an interested audience, all in real time.

Traditional Marketing & Digital Marketing both are beneficial, but here the question is which serves with more benefits? But the conclusion is Now its Time to get Digital! Let's draw a beneficial conclusion, Let's make the smart choice!

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